Partless particles and moments

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Partless particles and moments

Post by Karma Dondrup Tashi on Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:37 pm

Suppose ... a partless particle was encircled by four other partless particles in the four cardinal directions. If the part of the central particle that is ... facing the particle on the eastern side does not also touch or face the particle on the western side, then the central particle would, in fact, have parts. If it does ... face both the eastern and western particles, it would not occupy any space, and a collection of such particles would also not occupy any space, in which case gross forms would be impossible. Therefore, it must have parts. Partless particles are just mental constructs.

A similar method is used to show that irreducible momenrts of consciousness cannot exist. For example, suppose that the present is an irreducible, partless moment. This present moment must be connected to the past and also connected to the future. if the connection between present and past is the same as the connection between present and future, then the past and the future would be directly connected and the present would not have any time at all. If the connection between the present and the future is not the same as the connection ebtween the present and the past, they are different connections so there must be two present moments. therefore irreducible moments of consciousness are also just mental constructs.

Andy Karr.
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