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A Supplication To Tara Empty A Supplication To Tara

Post by sherab zangpo on Sun Apr 26, 2009 3:56 pm

A Supplication To Tara Tara10
A Supplication To Tara

Namo Ayra Taraye!

Praise to the exalted liberator

I bow down at the feet of the powerful Chenrezi,
Treasury of compassion from the supreme abode of the Potala,
Born of the green syllable TAM, you liberate beings through
the light
Radiating from this syllable TAM,
Tara I pray that you come
together with your retinue!

The gods and jealous gods lower their crowns at your lotus
You who liberates beings from destitution.
I make prostrations before you, the mother, the liberator.
I offer respect completely and sincerely,
To you the venerable and exalted Tara, as well as to the
buddhas and bodhisattvas
Who dwell in the ten directions and the three times.

I offer real and imagined flowers, incense, lights,
perfumes, food and music,
And all other pleasing things,
And I pray that the assembly of the exalted deity accepts
these offerings.

I openly admit the five actions of immediate consequence and
all wrongs committed,
Since beginningless time, with the mind under the power of
negative emotions.
I rejoice in the merit and in all virtues whatever they be,
which ordinary beings,
Sravakas, prateykabuddhas and bodhisattvas have accumulated
in the three times.

I urge you to turn the wheel of dharma in the form of the
ordinary, great or small vehicles,
According to the different ways of thinking and intellectual
capacities of each being.

I entreat you not to enter into nirvana as long as the cycle
of existence is not emptied,
And through compassion, to look upon the beings drowning in
the ocean of suffering.

May all the merit which I have been able to accumulate
become a cause of enlightenment,
And through this, may I quickly acquire the qualities of the
glorious guide of beings.

A Prayer To Tara From The
Speech Of The Dharma King Trisong Detsen.

Having eliminated all imperfections of the body, you possess
all the signs and characteristics of the sublime body. Having eliminated all
imperfections of speech, your voice is the melody of the Kalapingka bird.
Having eliminated all imperfections of the mind, you know all that is to be

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