Gampopa's Ten Things To Understand.

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Gampopa's Ten Things To Understand. Empty Gampopa's Ten Things To Understand.

Post by sherab zangpo on Fri May 01, 2009 7:41 pm

Gampopa's Ten Things To Understand. Gampop10

understand that outer appearances are unreal because they are illusion.

understand that inner mind is empty because it is devoid of self entity.

understand that thoughts are momentary because they occur due to conditions.

understand that both your physical body and your voice are impermanent because they are conditioned.

understand that the consequences of your actions are inevitable because all the pleasure and pain of sentient beings result from karma.

understand that pain is your spiritual friend because it is the cause of renunciation.

understand that pleasure and happiness are the demons of attachment, because they are the roots of samsara.

understand that many engagements are obstacles for merit because they hinder spiritual practice.

understand that enemies and obstructors are your teachers because they are inspiration for spiritual practice.

understand that everything is of equal nature because all phenomena are ultimately devoid of self nature.

These were the ten things to understand.


translated by Erik Pema Kunsang
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