The Forth Vajra Point; The Element.

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The Forth Vajra Point; The Element.

Post by sherab zangpo on Sun May 03, 2009 3:03 am

From the Uttaratantra Shastra Chapter:

The Forth Vajra Point.

The Element.

the perfect buddhakaya is all embracing,
suchness cannot be differentiated,
and all beings have the disposition.
Thus they always have Buddha nature.

The Buddha has said that all beings have Buddha nature,
"since Buddha wisdom is always present within the assembly of beings,
since this undefiled nature is free from duality,
and since the disposition to buddhahood has been named after its fruit."

Essence, cause, fruit, function, endowment, manifestation, phases, all pervasive
of suchness, unchangingness and inseparability of the qualities should be understood as intended to describe the meaning of the absolute expanse.

Just as a jewel, the sky, and water are pure
it is by nature always free from the poisons.
From devotion to the dharma, from highest wisdom,
and from samadhi and compassion, its realization arises.

Wielding power, not changing into something else,
and being a nature that has a moistening quality
these (three) have properties corresponding to those of a precious gem, the sky, and water.


The fruit is the perfection of the qualities
of purity, self, happiness, and permanence.
weariness of suffering, longing to attain peace,
and devotion towards this aim are the function.

In brief the fruit of these purifying causes
fully divides into the remedies for the antidotes,
which counteract the four aspects of wrong beliefs regarding to the dharmakaya.

the dharmakaya is purity, since its nature is pure and even the remaining
imprints are fully removed.
It is true self, since all conceptual elaboration in terms of self and non-self
is totally stilled.
It is true happiness, since even the aggregates of mental nature
and their causes are reversed.
It is permanence, since the cycle of existence and the state beyond pain
are realized as one.

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