The protected enemy.

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The protected enemy.

Post by muni on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:45 pm

To can love our imagined outer enemy is to meet our own delusion. Our coarse mind is projecting its' view, this gets support by obscured emotions and the enemy out of ignorance-afflictions is born. The real enemy, ego-clinging is not recognized.

The Dalai Lama says: conditioned friendships are easy turning in enemies in this same life. Genuine friends are supporting each other in Dharma.

Only some words, mostly misunderstanding, is enough for the birth of the outer enemy.

When one sees faults in others is one easely blind for the faults in own mind. Therefore may I see the kindness in others and in those, insulting me and disrespecting me; may I see them as my own beloved parents or children who are temporary sick.

May I love them even more and keep the view pure .

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Re: The protected enemy.

Post by sherab zangpo on Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:36 pm

enemies such as craving and hatred are without arms and legs. They are neither courageous nor wise. How is it that they have enslaved me?

Stationed in my mind, they ruin me, while remaining well established themselves. And yet I do not get angry at my forbearance with this shameful and improper situation.

Everyone becomes favorably disposed when tended with kindness, but when these mental afflictions are honored, they bring suffering all the more.

How can I take delight in the cycle of existence when constant long lasting enemies, who are the sole cause of the currents and floods of adversities, fearlessly dwell within my heart?

While I have promised to liberate beings throughout space in the ten directions from their mental afflictions, I have not liberated even myself from mental afflictions.

Mental afflictions do not exist in sense objects, nor in the sense faculties, nor in the space between, nor anywhere else. Then where do they exist and agitate the whole world? This is an illusion only. Liberate your fearing heart, and cultivate perseverance for the sake of wisdom. Why would you torture your self in hells for no reason?


sherab zangpo
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