Purify for the sake of all.

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Purify for the sake of all. Empty Purify for the sake of all.

Post by muni on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:17 am

"In order to become used to caring for others more than yourself,
You should bring to mind the essential points and integrate in your being
The visualisations for exchanging self and others,
While riding the horse of the breath.

Do not count this practice,
Nor measure it in terms of days, months or years.
Ask whether true experience has been born within or not
And be sincere in making Bodhichitta an all-embracing,
Profound, integral part of yourself.

In order to weaken whatever contradicts this practice
And to strenghten whatever assist it,
You should to the utmost of your ability,
Purify obscurations, perfect the accumulations
And pray repeatedly to the three jewels,
Putting all your hopes in them.

When your own happiness increases
Or when you simply have desire for it,
You must understand that virtuous deeds lead to happiness." Shechen Gyaltsap.

I think the expression "virtuous deed" is often been critizised, because of lacking that happiness to be there for "others" in non dual view. The love is "opening" ( not separeted) everlasting happiness in genuine peace.

"When undesirable things come to pass
Or simply when you wish to be rid of sufferings,
You must understand that these are proof
That their cause, non-virtue, must be eliminated.
Attack The one responsible: ego-clinging.

Pray that all the degeneration and faults,
Which are the causes, conditions and results
Of the suffering of an infinitive number of beings,
May ripen upon you,
And that all beings may become free of their sufferings,
Which are but the result of their own negative actions." Shechen Gyaltsap.

This last words as well are often rejected. But put them in daily life, and see the quality of grasping to incoming thoughts; leading to speech and action. The suffer for own being and others around us by coarse mind or the boundless joy in the vast view of pure perfection. (As display of the Kayas)

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